National Environmental Coalition Of Native Americans ---

National Environmental Coalition Of Native Americans

Native American Environmentalists working to keep nuclear waste off TOP 5%Indian lands.

Grace Thorpe - Honoree -
"Native American Heritage Celebration Day"

November 17, 2003
Oklahoma State Capitol

"We must unite as people of the world to stop the nuclear industry that is dividing and contaminating us."

              Grace Thorpe, President
              No Ten O Quah, (Sac and Fox Tribe)

One June 16, 2001, Grace Thorpe spoke with Alpha Institute in a telephone interview concerning the issues of NECONA and the legacy of Jim Thorpe.
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Jim Thorpe Athlete of the Century
   Jim Thorpe poster by Oren Lyons

NECONA's goals are :
  • to educate Indians and Non-Indians about the health dangers of radioactivity and the transportion of nuclear waste on America's rails and roads.
  • to network with Indian and Non-Indian environmentalists to develop grassroots counter-movement to the well-funded efforts of the nuclear industry.
  • to declare Tribal NUCLEAR FREE ZONES across the nation.
In response to efforts to place Nuclear Waste on Indian Lands, NECONA has been successful. Of the 17 tribes originally considering MRS sites, all but 3 have withdrawn.

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*  The Problem ... Radioactive Racism? *   What to do.
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*  Appearances in PA - April 15th - 19th in the news
*  Grace Thorpe appeared April 29, 1999 on the Chico Campus of Calif. State U.
****   Sept. 1999 Grace Thorpe Honored with Nuclear-Free Future Award
*   Grace Thorpe - The Beginning...

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Jim Thorpe Page

Congress designates Jim Thorpe as Athlete of the Century!
Contains: 1. Resolution submitted to Senate    2. Senate Resolution 91
3. Bill Introduced To Name Jim Thorpe Athlete of the Century
4. House Resolution 198

  World's Greatest Athlete  •  The book   •   Jim Thorpe poster by Oren Lyons 
Jim Thorpe: In the NewsPetition
ZOklahoma and The U.S. Postal Service Honor... Feb. 99 Campaign in the news 9/19/198 Gold metals stolen from OK Capitol 10/01/98 Metals returned

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The MRS (Monitored Retrievable Storage) is an ill-conceived program to "temporarily" store nuclear waste until a "permanent" site can be established at Yucca Mountain, NV. While problems with the permanent site cause long delays, the hosts o the "temporary" sites will be risking their land and the future of their children for generations.